About Lisa


Lisa Andrade is a registered nurse with additional certifications in Rehabilitation Nursing. She earned her RN degree in 1999; however, she has worked in the medical field in many capacities since 1989, including as a CNA and LPN. She earned her CRRN in 2006 and has continued working in an Acute Rehabilitation Unit as the charge nurse. She then completed the past 4 years as the Rehab Intake Coordinator.

She earned a Certification in Legal Nurse Consultation in June 2015. She has participated in teaching events within the community at job fairs and fair booths and preceptor nursing students and new nurses. She provides transfer training throughout the hospital for ongoing education and safety prevention. She is a member of ARN (Association of Rehabilitation Nurses).

About Gregory

Dr. Gregory Sainnoval is the medical director and has two decades of surgical experience. He is well liked by his patients and treats all patients with respect. Great knowledge of anatomy and potential complications and ways to prevent them in the first place.

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